VCU Mourns with Virginia Tech Community

Dear Members of the VCU and VCU Health System Communities:

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I know that you join me in extending our deepest sympathies and prayers to the victims of the tragic events at Virginia Tech, and in offering our heartfelt support to the Virginia Tech community as they deal with this horrific and profound loss.

There has been a great outpouring of support and concern from the University and Health System communities.

We are aware that many of our students, faculty and staff have family and friends at Virginia Tech, and Dr. Jihad Aziz, Acting Director of University Counseling Services, and his staff are prepared to assist the VCU communities with support in this time of sadness and grief. They can be reached at 828-6200.

I wanted the University and Health System communities to know that the media have made inquiries as to what VCU would do if such a situation were to occur on our campuses. The questions focused on how to prevent an incident such as this from happening, and whether this incident caused us to think about campus security.  While no one can prevent a single individual from committing a violent act on a campus or anywhere else, we pay very close attention to security.  Our residence halls are very secure facilities that are monitored 24-hours by VCU Police.  No one may enter without a current student ID, or without being signed in and accompanied by a student with a current ID.  We have 78 sworn police officers in our VCU Police Department, and over 200 security staff in our residence halls and academic buildings on campus.  There is a system of emergency call boxes on both campuses that connect directly to the VCU Police.  The system can be identified on buildings and in parking facilities on both campuses by a yellow call box, or indoors, by a red wall phone.  Additionally, we work regularly on our ability to handle emergencies, and we practice following our emergency procedures.

Please remember the victims of this tragedy.

Best regards.

Eugene P. Trani
President, Virginia Commonwealth University
President and Chair, VCU Health System