VCU Brandcenter Introduces World’s First Creative Technology Degree Track

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Students enrolled in the new Creative Technology track at Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter this fall have been immersed in the study and application of media technology to advertising and branding like no class of students ever before them.

VCU Brandcenter, a graduate advertising school, launched the Creative Technology track in response to evolution and revolution both in the advertising industry and in consumer and business expectations. The master’s degree curriculum is unique in higher education.

Rick Boyko, director of VCU Brandcenter, said the new track was developed to emphasize the increasingly central role that digital media plays in advertising.

“Brandcenter’s Creative Technology track is the answer to the question heard so often and so loudly from agencies and brands – ‘Where can we find people who really have that ‘digital DNA’ and who are also experts in traditional aspects of advertising?’” Boyko said. “Now we have the answer – VCU Brandcenter.”

Unlike the majority of technology programs, the Creative Technology track is not about technology for technology’s sake, and it is not a program to create more programmers or IT professionals. Media technologies are constantly evolving – and VCU Brandcenter’s new track takes a creative approach to using technology in crafting and delivering brand messages and creating consumer engagement.

“The Creative Technology track is about learning to be fluent and confident in using media technologies appropriately in the service of branding, advertising, marketing and persuasion,” said Mark Avnet, professor and head of the Creative Technology track. “This positions our graduates to be leaders and members in ‘new’ creative teams, as interactive designers, creative directors, producers, directors of interactive media, members of account teams, as entrepreneurs and in emerging creative technology positions in forward-thinking agencies.”


Colin Eagan. “Before attending VCU Brandcenter, I worked as a management consultant providing business solutions to Fortune 500 companies. I chose to attend Brandcenter over equivalent MBA programs. The Creative Technology track at the Brandcenter provides the opportunity to combine the study of the latest technological trends and ideas with creative and strategic thinking. It has given me the opportunity to take my previous experiences in business in a unique direction that traditional MBA programs simply could not offer.”

Don Sticksel. “When I found out about this program I was sold right away. The Brandcenter is the leading advertising program in the nation and our new Creative Technology track solidifies our position as a school with forward thinkers who understand the power of the digital space. As companies look for innovative and interactive ways for customers to connect with their brands, I’ll be ready to deliver a wide array of effective solutions and creative thinking.”

Clarissa Fernandez. “I’ve gained an understanding of how technology is changing the way people want to receive information and how advertisers can utilize that in order to reach audiences in ways that are relevant to them. Without that, the content of the message, no matter how compelling, can become lost.

Alexander Ridore. “The appeal of the Brandcenter before the addition of the Creative Technology track was already very powerful. With the addition of Creative Technology track, the appeal of the VCU Brandcenter became irresistible. I’m thrilled to be a pioneer in the Creative Technology track at the top advertising school in the world.”

Emma Parry. “Before coming to the VCU Brandcenter, I was a marketing manager for an Internet startup in the heart of Silicon Valley. I was exposed to all the latest trends in technology but was missing that elusive ‘x factor’ that would catapult me to the next career level. I know I’ve found something truly special in the Creative Technology track at Brandcenter - what I’m learning in this program puts me way ahead of the curve. There is no other program like it in the entire world and I feel so honored to be part of the first class.”

Drew Dayberry. “When people ask what I do at school, I tell them I’m changing the world.”

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