VCU Medical Center physicians among Richmond area’s Top Docs

Image courtesy of Richmond magazine
Image courtesy of Richmond magazine

Sixty-eight full-time Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center physicians received high marks from their peers in the latest “Top Docs” survey conducted by Richmond Magazine.

The survey, published in the magazine’s April issue, asked 3,322 doctors which specialists in 54 areas of practice they would choose if they or their family needed medical treatment. The magazine received 403 completed surveys. Of the 68 full-time doctors cited from the VCU Medical Center, 18 were voted best in their field, and one physician was voted best in two specialties.

“To have the respect of many of our peers in the medical community speaks volumes about the patient care being provided by our doctors at the VCU Medical Center,” said Sheldon Retchin, M.D., CEO of the VCU Health System.

This is the fifth time Richmond Magazine has conducted the top-doctors survey. Similar surveys were conducted in 1988, 1998, 2000 and 2004.

In addition to the regional survey, the magazine also includes interviews with five of the doctors and stories on patient advocates, academic hospitalists, hospital employees and volunteers and area hospitals’ pastoral counseling services.

The following full-time VCU professionals and their specialties were included in these magazine-designated categories.

* Indicates most votes in their field

Allergy and Immunology: Dr. Anne Marie Irani, Dr. Lawrence B. Schwartz
Anesthesiology: Dr. Jay Shapiro
Cardiac Surgery: Dr. Vigneshwar Kasirajan
Cardiology: Dr. George W. Vetrovec*, Dr. Ken Ellenbogen
Critical Care Surgery: Dr. Rao Ivatury*
Dermatology: Dr. Julia R. Nunley, Dr. Algin B. Garrett
Emergency Medicine: Dr. Joseph P. Ornato*, Dr. Robin L. Foster
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism: Dr. David F. Gardner, Dr. John N. Clore, Dr. Robert Downs
Family Practice/General Practice: Dr. Anton J. Kuzel*
Gastroenterology:Dr. Donald F. Kirby
Genetics: Dr. Joann N. Bodurtha*; Massey Cancer Center
Geriatric Medicine: Dr. Peter A. Boling*
Gynecology/Obstetrics (General): Dr. Ellen L. Brock
Gynecologic Oncology: Dr. Cecelia Boardman
Hematology: Dr. Thomas J. Smith, Hematology-Oncology; Massey Cancer Center
Infectious Diseases: Dr. Richard P. Wenzel, Dr. Sara Monroe, Dr. Michael B. Edmond
Internal Medicine: Dr. Richard P. Wenzel
Maternal-Fetal Medicine/High-Risk Pregnancy: Dr. Thomas C. Peng
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Dr. Gary R. Gutcher, Dr. Henry J. Rozycki
Nephrology: Dr. Todd W.B. Gehr
Neurosurgery: Dr. Harold F. Young, Dr. John D. Ward
Oncology: Dr. Thomas J. Smith, Hematology-Oncology; Massey Cancer Center; Dr. Mary Helen Hackney, Hematology-Oncology; Massey Cancer Center
Oncologic Surgery: Dr. James P. Neifeld; Dr. Harry D. Bear, Hematology; Massey Cancer Center; Dr. Brian J. Kaplan, Hematology; Massey Cancer Center
Ophthalmology: Dr. William H. Benson*
Ophthalmologic Surgery: Dr. William H. Benson*
Orthopaedic Hand Surgery: Dr. Jonathan E. Isaacs
Orthopaedic Surgery: Dr. William A. Jiranek, Dr. Thomas P. Loughran, Dr. Wilhelm A. Zuelzer
Otolaryngologic Surgery: Dr. Laurence J. DiNardo*, Hematology; Massey Cancer Center; Dr. Evan R. Reiter
Pathology: Dr. Margaret M. Grimes
Pediatric Specialists: Dr. Ted A. Williams*, Dr. Doug Allen, Dr. William B. Moskowitz
Pediatric Surgery (General): Dr. Jeffrey Haynes*, Dr. Charles Bagwell, Dr. Claudio Oiticica
Pediatric Surgical Specialists: Dr. John D. Ward*
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Dr. David X. Cifu*, Dr. Albert M. Jones Jr.
Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery: Dr. Andrea L. Pozez
Psychiatry, Adult: Dr. James L. Levenson*, Dr. Joel J. Silverman, Dr. Robert K. Schneider
Psychiatry, Child Adolescent: Dr. Bela Sood
Pulmonary Disease: Dr. Alpha A. Fowler III*, Dr. R. Paul Fairman
Radiology Specialists: Dr. Ann S. Fulcher*
Radiation Oncology: Dr. Douglas W. Arthur; Massey Cancer Center
Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility: Dr. Dale W. Stovall
Rheumatology: Dr. Lenore M. Buckley*, Dr. Christopher M. Wise
Sleep Disorders, Dr. Rakesh Sood*
Sports Medicine, Dr. Thomas P. Loughran*, Dr. Wilhelm A. Zuelzer
Thoracic Surgery: Dr. Jon Kiev*; Massey Cancer Center
Urogynecology: Dr. Catherine Matthews Nichols, Dr. Edward Gill
Urological Surgery: Dr. Harry P. Koo
Urology: Dr. Harry P. Koo
Vascular Surgery (General): Dr. Mark M. Levy