VCU cardiac monitor technician receives highest score on electrocardiography exam

By Leslie Nelson

Jason Roediger, senior cardiac monitor technician at the VCU Medical Center’s Pauley Heart Center, recently took the American Board of Electrocardiography’s Level IV ECG certification exam and received the highest score in the country.

The exam is usually restricted to physicians with advanced training in cardiology. Roediger was permitted to take the exam after receiving a letter of reference from Kenneth Ellenbogen, M.D., professor of cardiology and director of the cardiac electrophysiology lab at the VCU Medical Center.

Roediger’s position as a cardiac monitor technician includes conducting an orientation for new hires. He is the primary resource, teacher and educator of electrocardiography for his floor at the heart center.

“I have a real passion to get people off on the right foot, especially novices who don’t yet have any background in ECG interpretation” said Roediger. “I love to teach and really enjoy helping others get a handle on their material.”

Roediger has accepted a position on the American Board of Electrocardiography’s board, where he will serve as a representative for the cardiac monitor technician level as well as the advanced Level IV.

The American Board of Electrocardiography is an independent, nonprofit organization made up of a seven board members selected to represent each targeted level of ECG reading practice from basic to advanced practitioners.

The Level IV ECG certification is a two hour exam designed to assess the proficiency level of hospital ECG panel readers, physicians and cardiologists. The exam is the highest level in its four-tier structure.