Richmond, Va.
Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014

In the spotlight

The July jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows continued growth for the sixth consecutive month. While the unemployment rate actually rose a notch, analysts are warily optimistic that the trend will continue. Carol Scotese, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the Department of Economics, discussed what this latest report means.

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Reptile Database surpasses 10,000 reptile species

More than 10,000 reptile species have been recorded into the Reptile Database, making the reptile species among the most diverse vertebrate groups in the world, alongside bird and fish species.

Faculty and staff

In memoriam: Edward Coffman, Ph.D.

When asked upon his retirement, “If you could sum it all up in one word, what does the VCU School of Business mean to you?” Edward N. Coffman, Ph.D., said, simply, “proud.”